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Chip Systems

The multilayer build and customized color schemes make our chip system floorsperfect for anyhigh-traffic residential or commercial space, including:

Chip System

Advantages of Gerber Concrete Coatings

Whether you’re seeking a robust residential garage floor coating or a resilient finish for yourretail space, our chip system delivers the features and advantages you desire:Durability: Unlike epoxy coatings, our chip system employs polyurea, providing superiorstrength and flexibility.Style: Custom-blend vinyl chips in a variety of colors to seamlessly match your garage floor withexisting decor.Convenience: Installed swiftly by our certified flooring experts, our chip flooring ensures ahassle-free process, completing the job in as littleas one day.Warranty–

Formcove System coatings

Formcove System coatings

Looking for a rapid cure polyurea material that will form a smooth transition from the wall tothe floor? Form cove is your answer to keep you project on time and looking great.

One of the most vulnerable areas of any room is where the floor meets the wall, especially inworkshops and factories that regularly use abrasive chemicals. This spot presents the perfectentry point for water, bacteria, or other hazardous grime. Instead of waiting for something toseep into your walls and threaten your building’s structural integrity, eliminate the risks withthe innovative Formcove systemengineeredby Penntekand delivered by Gerber Concrete Coatings.

Designed for quick installations and lasting durability, our Formcove system cures into aperfectly fitted cove base that seamlessly covers your wall and floor seams—protecting themfrom potential damage while adding a neatly finished look to any room

Formcove System coatings


Gerber Concrete Coatings is committed to delivering top-notch products that enhance bothfunctionality and safety in every environment. Our confidence in these products is reflected in our exclusive warranties, safeguarding your investment for years to come. Opting for GerberConcrete Coatings Industrial Coatings ensures a Limited Lifetime Warranty, made possiblethrough our strategic partnership with Pentek. Choose with assurance and enjoy lasting quality